Manon Ansart

Professional experience

I am currently doing my PhD in the AramisLab team, in the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM), in Paris. I am supervised by Didier Dormont and Stanley Durrleman.
I am working on building an automatic diagnosis and prognosis system for neurodegenerative diseases by using longitudinal data, which are repeated measures taken at different time points for each individual. I am using statistics and machine learning methods, such as kernel density estimation.

As part of my engineering studies, I have been working during one year on an end-of-studies project. I was part of an 8-member team, working with Scrum methods 22 hours a week. We were working for Libon, by Orange Vallée, which is a VoIP application. We studied the different applications of graph processing and data mining to social networks, and we developed a program to detect communities in the network formed by Libon users. We used Scala, Spark and GraphX.

In summer 2015 I have done my specialization internship at Creative Data, a French start-up in Rouen. I created a Scala program to automatize getting and cleaning open data from the French platform data.gouv and saving it to HDFS and Hive Table. I also analysed different prediction tools for the company. I worked on a Kaggle competition which goal was to identify different hand movements based on electroencephalo­grams, in Python. I also followed a sale-forecasting project and wrote its unit tests in R.

In 2014, I have been the president of AJIR, the Junior Entreprise of this INSA of Rouen. A Junior Entreprise is an association managed by students which goal is to realize projects for companies. As a president, I managed a team of 10 students, decided the strategy of the association, met with the clients and supervised scientific projects.
I have also been an auditor for the CNJE (the French confederation of Junior Entreprises). Therefore I audited other Junior Entreprises in France in order to help protect the label and advice them in their development.