About me

I am an associate professor at Université de Bourgogne. I conduct my research at the Laboratory for Research on Learning and Developement (LEAD) and teach computer science and machine learning at ESIREM, a public engineering school in Dijon. I was previously a postdoctoral researcher at ETS Montreal, in the imaging and orthopaedics research laboratory (LIO). In 2019 I completed my PhD at Sorbonne Université, under the supervision of Stanley Durrleman at ARAMIS Lab.

My research focuses on machine learning methods for medical applications. I have a strong emphasis on creating systems tailored to the needs of clinical practice. I work on several clinical applications, including Alzheimer’s disease, scoliosis, ovarian cancer, and renal pathologies, collaborating with clinical experts in most of my projects.

While medical imaging is predominant in the community, I am very interested in how to best combine it with other modalities that can provide complementary information at a low cost. My current research interests are centered around methodological issues associated with such multimodal models and their potential impact on clinical practice in terms of performance, usability, and cost.