About me

I am an assistant professor at Université de Bourgogne. I conduct my research at the Laboratory for Research on Learning and Developement (LEAD) and teach computer science and machine learning at ESIREM, a public engineering school in Dijon. I was previously a postdoctoral researcher at ETS Montreal, in the imaging and orthopaedics research laboratory (LIO). In 2019 I completed my PhD at Sorbonne Université, in the ARAMIS Lab, under the supervision of Stanley Durrleman. I studied computer science and data mining and received my Engineering degree from INSA Rouen Normandie as well as a Master’s degree from the University of Rouen Normandy in 2016.

My research focuses on machine learning methods for medical applications and the study of cognition. During my PhD I worked on the automatic identification of subjects at risk to develop Alzheimer’s disease. During my post-doc at the LIO I worked on creating a statistical shape model of the spine in order to regularize spine shape, for example in the context of 3D reconstruction from 2D image data.