Student projects and internships

If you are a student interested in doing a project, internship, or PhD with me, this page is for you!

Short projects

I supervise several short student projects each year, usually with 4th year ESIREM students. These projects are mainly for learning purposes. If you have a personal project related to data science, machine learning, or AI that you would like to work on, I would be more than happy to supervise you and help you define your project better if necessary.

Otherwise, I propose three main types of projects:

  • Machine learning competitions: students choose a machine learning competition (or dataset) on Kaggle or Driven Data for example. They work on reading and exploring the data in Python, learn to train and test a machine learning algorithm using scikit-learn, and compare several algorithms using a proper validation method. Here is an example of a previous project.
  • Projects related to my research: students work on a data set related to a research project my lab works on. They perform data analysis and compare machine learning algorithms. The research projects are usually related to medical applications (Alzheimer’s disease, ovarian cancer, histopathology images, etc.) or cognitive psychology. You can find a report (in French) from a previous project.
  • In-depth study of an algorithm: students work on understanding a specific algorithm and implementing it. The proposed algorithms are usually related to data science and AI, and implementing them requires both a deep understanding and use of algorithmic skills. I propose algorithms of interest or we can choose one together. Here is an example of a previous project.

These projects can be done alone or in groups of two or three. Students in groups each have a different sub-task to work on. The working language can be either French or English.

If you are interested in a short project with me, please send me an email as soon as possible in september (or earlier).

Master projects and internship

I supervise 2 to 4 master projects (or 5th year ESIREM projects) and 1 or 2 internship each year. These projects are larger in scope, and although they still provide learning opportunities for students, they are more integrated into my research work. The main goal of the project is to advance the state of an ongoing larger project.

Types of projects

These projects will mainly focus on medical applications. Ongoing projects include work on Alzheimer’s disease and analysis of histology images for ovarian cancer or nephrology.

Some projects will have a stronger focus on specific methodological issues. For example, I am currently interested in working with graphs and in modeling a sequence of events (average sequences/graph, clustering, prediction). The combination or generation of image modalities, and working with transformer neural networks are also areas of focus. These projects will be linked to the previously mentioned medical applications, but will focus on studying state-of-the-art methods and implementing or testing them.

I can also propose projects linked to cognitive psychology, where the main goal is to perform supervised or unsupervised machine learning on a psychology data set, in collaboration with another LEAD researcher.

If you have a personal project related to data science, machine learning, or AI that you would like to work on for your master project, I can supervise you and help you define your project better if necessary. However, in case too many students applied for a master project with me, I will prioritize projects related to my research.

Applying for a master project supervision

In order to organise the recruitment process, please contact me before September 10th if you are interested in doing a master project with me. The earlier the better.

If you haven’t done a short project with me before, please explain your interest in doing a machine learning master project in your email. We will plan a call to discuss your interests, the ongoing projects, and do a light interview.

Applying for an internship

If you are interested in doing an internship, contact me via email 2-3 months before the beginning of the internship. You can directly send a CV and describe your motivation in the email.


If you want to know more about AI research or are interested in doing a PhD in a related field feel free to contact me via email. It can be a long reflexion process, which requires early planning. If you think about starting a PhD in september, it is best to start asking information in december the year before.